Welcome, my name is Peter Blomgren. I am a self taught IT professional. I have been working as a front end developer for the past few years but have worked in many areas within IT.

I made my first website in 1995 and have had a web presence ever since. Not only do I understand web design and coding but I also have spent the last five years as the webmaster for a local university. I am familiar with multiple marketing and measurement tools to optimize your online presence.

Before that I was an integrator. Taking systems that had never shared data and finding ways to get them to communicate with each other. I have worked with VoIP Telephony, Digital Signage, Access Controls, Audio/Video Systems among many other things.

I enjoy challenges and learning new things. If I’m not learning something new then I try to find something to challenge myself with either on a professional level or with personal projects.

For a hobby I am a tinker with Arduinos and other microcomputers such as the Raspberry Pi utilizing them for such tasks as home automation and logging sensor data.