MSSU Websites

These are websites I programmed and maintained while at MSSU

The alumni magazine for Missouri Southern State University.
Missouri Southern State University
I created the templates used site wide. I took a design I helped create from initial concept to custom templates for our CMS. I also was responsible for training all editors on the proper way to edit and proper verbiage to use on this site. I totally rebuilt the hierarchy of the 3,500 pages to closer resemble the hierarchy of the University and redesigned the navigation of the website to help with ease of navigation.
MOSO Minute
A news blog of everything happening at Missouri Southern.
President's Blog
The blog of Alan Marble, the president of Missouri Southern State University.
Yours to Lose
A special one time use website for a specific marketing goal. I was tasked with taking a published print piece and turning it into a website that used the same elements.